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dance classes for kids in Frankfurt-Nordend

RELEASE - Dance & Movement Studio is a dance school for kids in Frankfurt-Nordend.

We offer ballet and modern dance classes on Tuesdays and Wednesdays in the Seminarhaus "Home of the Sun", Eiserne Hand, 3. 



Meet our team: Evie, Patscha, and Volodymyr.
All three completed a professional dance education and worked in different dance
companies internationally.


Evie has accomplished her professional dance education in London, Mannheim and Frankfurt am Main. After an internship in Forsythe Dance Company, she was working as a dancer in different theatres and dance projects in Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Additionally, Evie holds a Master degree in Psychology and works as a movement teacher. 


Patscha completed her professional dance education in Thailand, Germany and the Netherlands, She worked as a dancer in dance companies in Switzerland, Germany, Italy and France.  Patscha finished her yoga training program in Vienna (Austria) and Rishikesh (India) and currently works as freelancer in Frankfurt am Main.


Volodymyr studied dance in Ukraine, Belgium and Frankfurt am Main. After his education he worked in different theatres and dance projects in Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland. Volodymyr performs as a dancer in Frankfurt Opera house and competes in the Latin American ballroom dance program, representing Germany.



Ballet 7-9 y.o.

Ballet class for kids is built up in a  fun manner and focuses on the development of musicality, flexibility, feeling of rhythm and learning basic steps that are needed for more complicated lessons in the future.


Tuesday, 16:30

Places free: 7

Ballet 10-12 y.o.

This ballet class starts with basic ballet elements, performed at the ballet barre, continues with exercises in the middle and diagonally and finishes with jumps and stretching. This class requires former experience.

Tuesday, 17:30

Places free: 3

Modern 7-9 y.o.

In this dance class, basic moves of different dance styles are taught: pop dance, contemporary, hip-hop. And aims to introduce kids to different movement qualities and develop musicality, rhythm feeling and creativity.

Wednesday, 16:00

Places free: 5

Modern 10-12 y.o.

This dance class includes a lot of movement and learning choreographies of different dance styles; pop dance, contemporary, hip-ho Besides that, exercises for flexibility and stamina are included in the lesson. 

Wednesday, 17:00

Places free: 1



1 course per Week: 49 euro / month
2 courses per Week: 89 euro / month

Trial lesson: FREE
One lesson: 18 Euro



Please contact us if you want to book a trial lesson for your kid or if you have any questions about our classes.

Be aware about special rules during COVID-19 times (such as entering the dance studio & changing room in a face mask; keeping 1,5 meters distance to other participants during a course; and a limited amount of participants in each class).



RELEASE Dance & Movement Studio

Seminarzentrum "Home of the Sun"

Eiserne Hand 3, 60318 Frankfurt am Main

Tel.: 0176 6727 15 07

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